Autism? Say what..?

There has been a lot of media attention lately for Autism, also known as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Maybe you have a son or daughter with Autism and you might have recognized certain traits in yourself. More and more people recognize themselves in certain characteristics such as:

- sensitivity to stimuli such as loud sounds, bright light, strong smells (Sensory sensitivity)

- difficulties in recognizing non-verbal signals

- taking things literally

- do not like to chit chat or small talk

- find it difficult to maintain friendships or relationships

- A hobby or interest that you can completely immerse yourself in.


Peace of mind, less stress
Many People with Autism face high stress levels on a daily basis. As an Certified Autism-coach I can help you to experience less stress and get more grip on your life. To the extend, that you will still have energy left at the end of the workday and therefore experience a better life quality.

How? Marja Boxhoorn as developed a new Coaching Method, which is called: 'More peace of mind, less stress’. With this method I can teach you how the seven steps work for you personally.  

                         Offer: Intake (1-1,5 hours free of charge), 7-10 sessions of 1 hour, and home assignments € 79,- per session ex BTW

Better relationships with autism
If you have (traits of) autism, it is often hard to establish relationships with people around you. At work or in daily life, you often get the feeling that you don’t really understand others, and vice versa. You don't know what to say, when exactly or how. You block when someone asks you something.(Even though it is very small thing), you have questions after the meeting is already over, etc. Therefore, dealing with other people can be very tiring for you. In 2021 a movie was released about a boy with autism. This movie shows what goes on in the head of someone with autism on a daily basis. You can watch it here and you can see if you recognize any of it in yourself:  Mind my mind


With The method: Better Relationships, also developed by Marja Boxhoorn, you will learn step by step how to communicatie and how to have meaningful relationships with your partner, friends, colleagues. Are you interested in smoother communication with partner, friends or colleagues? Would you like to improve your social skills, and still be yourself? Would you like to stop pretending/masking and interact with people in your own personal way and be accepted as how you are? 

                                    Offer: Intake (1-1,5 hours free of charge), 7-10 sessions of 1 hour, homework € 79,- per session ex BTW